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SPSS Statistics Base Subscription

  • Base Edition Subscription wird immer benötigt
  • Neben allen Basisfunktionen sind die Module Data Preparation und Bootstrapping enthalten
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SPSS Statistics Base Subscription

IBM SPSS Statistics Base Subscription ist das Statistik Grundpaket als Abonnement-Lizenz. Neben allen Basisfunktionen sind die Module Data Preparation und Bootstrapping enthalten. Funktional sind SPSS Base Subscription und SPSS Base Edition identisch.

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Erklärung verwendeter Bezeichnungen
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Hinweis: Wenn Sie bei Monatslizenzen weniger als 8 Monate buchen, verlangt IBM eine zusätzliche Bearbeitungsgebühr. Die Gebühr ist individuell. Gerne erstelle ich Ihnen ein entsprechendes Angebot auf Anfrage.

Base Subscription Funktionen

  • Statistics
    • ANOVA (in syntax only), One-way ANOVA
    • Cluster, Two-step cluster: categorical and continuous data/large data sets
    • Correlate—bivariate, partial, distances
    • Define variable sets, Descriptive ratio statistics (PVA)
    • Descriptive, Means, Ratio, Summarize data
    • Enhanced model viewer on two-step cluster and new nonparametrics
    • Explore, Crosstabs, Frequencies
    • Factor analysis, Discriminant analysis
    • Geo-spatial analytics (STP and GSAR)
    • Improved performance for frequencies, crosstabs, descriptives (Statistics Base Server)
    • Matrix operations , Monte Carlo simulation
    • Nearest neighbor analysis, new nonparametric tests
    • Automatic linear models, Ordinal regression (PLUM), Ordinary least squares regression
    • PP plots, QQ plots, Rule checking on secondary SPC charts
    • Reliability and ALSCAL multidimensional scaling
    • ROC Curve, Compare ROC curves
    • T tests: paired samples, independent samples, one-samples
    • Power analysis, Weighted Kappa- Data Preparation
  • Data Preparation
    • Automated data preparation—enhanced model viewer for automated data preparation
    • Validate data—streamline the process of validating data before analyzing it
    • Anomaly detection—identify unusual cases in a multivariate setting
    • Optimal binning
  • Bootstrapping
    • Sampling and pooling
    • Descriptive procedures that can be bootstrapped (Correlations/nonparametric correlations, crosstabs, descriptives, examine, frequencies, means, partial correlations, T tests)
  • Data access and management
    • Compare two data files for compatibility
    • Data Preparation features: Define Variable Properties tool; Copy Data Properties tool, Visual Bander, Identify Duplicate Cases; Date/Time wizard
    • Data Restructure wizard (single record to multiple records, multiple records to single record)
    • Direct Excel data access, easier importing from Excel and CSV
    • Export data to SAS and current versions of Excel, export/insert to Database wizard
    • Import data from IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, import/export to/from Dimensions, import Stata files (until V14)
    • Long variable names, longer value labels
    • Multiple datasets can be run in one SPSS session
    • ODBC Capture — DataDirect drivers, OLE DB data access
    • Password protection, SAS 7/8/9 data files (including compressed files)
    • Text wizard, Unicode support, very long text strings
  • Graphs
    • Auto and cross-correlation graphs
    • Basic graphs
    • Mapping (geospatial analysis)
    • Chart gallery
    • Chart options
    • Chart Builder UI for commonly used charts
    • Charts for multiple response variables
    • Graphics Production Language for custom charts
    • Interactive graphs—scriptable
    • Overlay and dual Y charts
    • Paneled charts
    • ROC analysis
    • Time series charts
  • Output
    • Case summaries
    • Style output
    • Conditional formatting
    • Codebook
    • Export charts as Microsoft Graphic Object
    • Export model as XML to SmartScore
    • Export to PDF
    • Export to Word/Excel/PowerPoint
    • HTML output
  • Large pivot tables
    • OLAP cubes/pivot tables
    • Output management system
    • Output scripting
    • Reports summaries in rows and columns
    • Search and replace
    • Smart devices (tablets and phones)
    • Table to graph conversion
    • Web reports
  • Help features
    • Application examples
    • Index
    • Statistics coach
    • Tutorial
    • Extensions
  • Data editor enhancements
    • Custom attributes for user-defined metadata
    • Spell checker
    • Splitter controls
    • Variable sets for wide data
    • Variable icons
  • Extended programmability
    • Custom UI builder enhancements (work seamlessly with Python and R and can be used in IBM SPSS Modeler)
    • New Extensions hub
    • Custom dialog builder for Extensions
    • Flow control or syntax jobs
    • Partial least squares regression
    • Python, .NET and Java for frontend scripting
    • SPSS equivalent of the SAS DATA STEP
    • Support for R algorithms and graphics
    • User-defined procedures
  • Multithreaded algorithms
    • SORT